Saturday, December 15, 2012

Oh What Fun: A Visit With Santa!

We had a nice family day today. This morning Alora made some Christmas ornaments that we will use for little gifts from her.  We searched a few websites we found through Pinterest for the "recipe" but we ended up just winging it.

Line a pan with waxed paper and arrange some metal cookie cutters.  Spray it liberally with cooking spray.

Then we filled the cookie cutters with Perler beads. We tried two different methods.

The first was to mix some oil right in with the beads before putting them into the shapes. With this method we spooned the mixture into the shapes about 2-3 beads deep. This version was defiantly easier for Ali.

After she went to take a nap, I tried out a second method. I did not mix any oil in with the beads and I tried to place them only one layer deep. It took a little more finessing and time.

The verdict: don't add any oil - it was a mess and I don't think necessary. As long as we sprayed the shapes and the pan, we didn't have any trouble with the beads sticking. And unless you're doing these yourself, just let the kids fill up the shapes with spoonfulls.

 Once filled, I baked them in the oven at 350 degrees for about 5-7 minutes (until the looked slightly melted). As soon as I took them out of the oven I used a toothpick to wiggle some holes into the shapes.

Once they are cooled, wash off the extra oil/spray with warm soapy water.  As a side note, you're house will smell like burning plastic.... but the end result is worth it. By the time Ali woke from her nap, these were all cooled and ready to hang. She was very proud of her colorful creations!

Alora also had a very special day today ~ she got to meet Santa Claus! Although it was not her first time meeting him, it defiantly went a little smoother. (Check out last year's photo if you want a good laugh.) Alora was pretty much in awe of Santa the whole visit. She wasn't scared and shocked us when walked right up to sit on his lap but she was still so starstruck that she could hardly talk. It just came out in the tiniest whispers. But Santa was a good sport and made quite an impression! She lights up whenever we ask about her visit. And she told us that she asked Santa for a train.

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