Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Christmas Countdown: Day 16

 Today is day 16 of our Christmas countdown, which it just dawned on me that a countdown should actually be going backwards....oh well. I'll remeber that detail for next year. :0)

This morning we went to one of our most favorite places in all of Chicago: "the diner", also know as The Hilltop Diner. We have been going to this favorite little diner of ours since we first moved into the city and it has always been a weekend staple for us. Now that Alora is older, she even requests "the diner" for breakfasts. The food is your standard yummy diner food that leaves you feeling full and happy. But what really keeps us going back is the people. Miss Helen greets us each visit with a huge smile and an even bigger hug and kiss for Ali. And Charlene has been our waitress at almost every visit.  She is the sweetest southern bell who treats Alora like her own grand baby. They absolutely dote on Alora and she just eats it up. If we ever move out of the city, Miss Helen, Miss Charlene and the Hilltop Diner will probably be one of the things we miss most.

Miss Helen, Alora and Miss Charlene

Since the hospital where Alora was born is right across the street from the diner, there are often people taking meals to go for their loved ones. (Jake even brought me a life-saving waffle after Ali was born.) For today's Christmas activity, we wanted to do something nice for a stranger. As we were paying our bill we gave Miss Helen an extra envelope filled with enough to pay for a nice meal for the next hospital visitor that comes in. Maybe it will be for an excited new dad, a daughter visiting a parent, a friend visiting a friend. Whoever it is, I hope they enjoy their meal and take some of the comfort we always find at the diner with them through their day. Happy Holidays!

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