Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Big Changes!

Wow! Where to begin. We have had so many big changes going on since my last post (which was about forty-seven years ago).  Since there is a looooot to catch up on, I'll start at the beginning.

Big Change #1:

Back in March I mentioned that we were packing and getting ready for our big move. It was a whirlwind few weeks but we managed to come out ok in the end.

On the first day of the big move our movers loaded up the truck and headed out for the night. We did some cleaning, camped out on the floor, and gave a huge sigh of relief that we were done with packing.

The next day we had our condo closing early in the morning. We didn't attend this closing, but we had to stick around the area until we heard from our attorney that everything went smoothly.

We spent our last few hours in the city at our favorite park. Once we got word that everything was signed, sealed and delivered, we gave another huge sigh of relief. And then we were homeless.

Big Change #2:

A few short hours later, our second big change took place. With misty eyes we said our last goodbye to the city and thanked it for the millions of good memories it was sending with us, and we headed to the suburbs. By the end of the day, we officially became homeowners and residents of a fabulous city called Crystal Lake. We wandered around our partially empty new home (we purchased some furniture from the previous owners so it was there when we unlocked the door) and got to work cleaning. The next morning the movers showed up and by lunch time, our home was once again full of boxes. And we were happy.

Big Change #3:
Ok, this is a big one. Shortly after after moving into our new home and community, I put in a call to work and gave them my notice. It was one of the most difficult things I've ever done. I was leaving a job that I enjoyed, a position that was perfect for me, a workplace that had a great environment, and people that I really truly enjoyed. I few quick weeks later, I said another round of goodbyes and my life changed again.

Big Change #4:

Now you would think with me now being a full time mom that I would have a little more time in my days. I thought that too. Haha, what was I thinking! Clearly by my absence from this blog you know that has not been the case.  On most days I honestly can't tell you what I've done all day, but by 9pm I'm wiped out...and covered in some sort of glue, paint and/or peanut butter. But I'm loving every minute of it. And a big change that's occured with Alora is that she is now potty trained! Woo-hoo! I'll go more into that story another day, but for now we're celebrating. She's been going strong for a few months now. We're still working on nights, but that will come in time.

Big Change #5:
Jake's office moved to a new city. Don't worry, we planned our home purchase around his office's move. So now instead of commuting for over an hour each way, he only has about 35 minutes, which gives us a lot more time as a family.


His new office is really nice too, has a full gym with trainers, and a huge cafeteria with everything from sushi to brick oven pizza.

Big Change #6:

Alora turned 3! We had a great weekend with all of Alora's favorite people visiting.

We played, we ate and she got her requested Stripes (the zebra from the movie Racing Stripes) birthday cake. She had a blast! Her favorite present was her swingset (aka her Park).

And now that she is 3 she is acting (most of the time) like the big girl she is. She's taking swimming lessons and will be starting a 2-mornings-a-week pre-school as well as a dance class in a few weeks.

She caught her first fish and she is riding her trike all by herself. She went to her first movie at the theater (and ate popcorn by the fist fulls) and has learned to put her dad in "the sleeper hold!!!!".  Life is good for this three year old.

Big Change #7:

And now for our biggest change of all- I'm pregnant! After two heartaches and a year of hoping and waiting, we can now say that Baby #2 should be showing up around February 9th (my grandmother's birthday). So far everything has been right on track. I had terrible morning sickness for about 6 weeks (which explains some of my absence) and I was thanking my lucky stars everyday that I was able to be home and curled up on the couch (or next to the toilet) instead of at an office. Oddly enough mornings were great for me, so Alora and I rushed to get the day's errands and work done by noon. My "morning sickness" would kick in around 2pm every day and progressively get worse through the evening and night.  Every night Alora would say "You not feel good? Its okay (with a pat on my leg). You feel better soon." And she was right.  I am now in the second trimester and that phase seems to be over for the most part. My biggest issue now is that I am hungry beyond words. All. Of. The. Time. Honestly, I eat enough for a family of four. Four times a day. We told Alora that she was going to be a Big Sister when I was 12 weeks along and after a lot of questions she is now really excited and curious about it all. For awhile she would ask me every morning if the baby had come out yet.

My favorite conversation so far went like this:
Alora: Does the baby come out of a door?
Me: Sure, we'll go with that.

So that's it for big changes. Whew! It's seems life has been SO so busy since we listed our condo in February. I hate to admit it but we still have boxes to unpack and I've just this week started doing a little painting and decorating (photos coming soon). Aside from having a super busy spring/summer I've been trying to take it a little easy with this pregnancy. I keep telling myself that it will all get done in time. And it will; the important things anyway. And that's exactly where we've been able to put our focus this summer.

I'm am so so grateful for the time I've been able to spend with and for my family over the past few months. We have had more home-cooked and healthy meals this summer than we have had over the past 5 years combined. We have had more spur of the moment activities than ever before, like trips to the local beach and traveling with family. We've had simple afternoons that include discovering a new food to try at the store and playing in the yard. We've had weekend adventures as we discover our new community. We have had more evenings where we can just relax and enjoy our time together.  I'm so thankful for this sweet spot we are in right now and I am SO excited to see where all of these changes will take us!

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