Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Moving In: A Very Messy House Tour

We moved into our new home at the end of April. Since it has been 5 months since the big day I thought I'd give a little tour of our new home.  We ended up buying several pieces of furniture from the previous owners, last minute. It was so nice to be able to do that because, one: she gave us a great deal, and two: it gave us some great filler pieces until we can afford/find what we really love. We also have a few plans for the house both within the next year as well as a "five-year-plan." Although the house was kept very clean, the walls and ceilings have a good layer of standard household grime. Every room is getting a scrub and we are repainting room by room, and at some point we will likely have a pro come in to do the ceilings. The five-year-plan calls for fresh carpeting throughout the main levels and refinishing the hardwood floors. Now on to the tour!

You'll have to forgive the lack of detail in these photos. They are not the best angles but they give you an idea. When you walk in the front door you are greeted by the stairs, living room to the right (we use it as a play room) and dining room to the left. At some point we would love to rip out the carpet on the stairs and replace it with darker hardwood and a runner. The paint is currently a yellow/tan on all of the entry and stairway walls, including the ceiling. This will be updated but I'm not sure to what yet.

The dining room needs fresh paint but is otherwise in pretty good shape. I'd love to get a more updated light fixture, too. Unfortunately this room still looks pretty much the same today, with heaps of boxes. It seems to be the place where things go when I don't know what else to do with them. On second thought, maybe I'll just put up a wall and pretend this room (and mess) don't exist....

The playroom has become one of our most used spaces. The red walls were a little intense for the playroom so this was the first room to be repainted and rearranged. I love how it turned out so that will be one of the first updates I share.

The back of the house holds the kitchen and family room. I am LOVING the openness of it all, especially after being cramped into our tiny condo kitchen. It's so nice to be able to get dinner ready while still keeping an eye on Alora or having a conversation with someone in the family room. The kitchen has already received a fresh coat of paint and I have plans of someday refinishing the table and chairs which were purchased from the previous owners.

The same story is true for the family room: its walls are already a different color and the fireplace will soon be getting a makeover. We purchased the couch and love seat from the previous owners for a steal. Although the pattern is a little dated, they are in great shape and fit the space really well. We also didn't have it in our current budget to buy brand new furniture so these work great for now. Oh, and if you occasionally hear cursing in the far distance, that's me. I'm attempting to make my own slipcovers for these bad boys and I am no seamstress. Blood has already been shed. 

Probably our favorite room in the house is our three-season porch. We purchased the patio set from the previous owners and have spent countless dinners and evenings out here.  You can also see a peak of our back yard (in it's naked springtime state). Since then we have removed a few trees to give us a little more yard space and sunshine, and to prevent a few broken branches from falling onto our house.

Also on the main floor is the laundry room, powder room and hall closet. The second floor holds four bedrooms and two bathrooms. Our master desperately needs a fresh coat of paint and some closet organizing but it's larger size has made it a little easier to take our time with this one.

Alora's room is so much bigger and brighter than our condo. We haven't really touched it as far as decorating (or even organizing) goes because most of the furniture will be moving into the new nursery in the next few months. But a new coat of paint is the first thing out our to-do list. Alora vote is for "dark purple".  We'll see...

Bedroom #3 is currently being used as our guest room. We purchased the bedroom set from the previous owners with the plan of moving it into Alora's room when it's time to move the baby stuff out. At that time, this bedroom will become the nursery with the crib and changing table.

The guest room will then be moved to what is currently being used as a guest room/office. It's function will remain the same but it will soon be the only guest room...and will hopefully look a little more inviting.

Unfortunately I didn't take a single photo of the basement before we started in on our first project so I'll share those another day. But it holds a family room, pool table, wet bar, full bath, small storage room and crawl space.

So that's our very (very very very) messy house tour from our first few days of moving in. I'm planning to catch up on the projects we've been doing over the past 5 months so I get to the point where I'm caught up and my posts are a little more current, or at least in the same season!


Anonymous said...

That place is GREAT, Matia!

I can't wait to see what you do with it.

Perhaps Alora can be convinced to paint her room a lighter shade and have purple bedspread, etc. Makes it easier to change later when she gets tired of it.

S. Magnuson

adeline said...

beautiful home

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