Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sweet Home Chicago

Well, our big move is coming up. I can not tell you how much of a bitter-sweet move this will be for us. We love our home and love our neighborhood and have been so happy here. But at the same time we are ready to move on. We love living in Chicago, but we don't take advantage of the city like we used to. And we're really looking forward to things like a garage, a yard, and a garbage disposal (yes, that really is something we've daydreamed about). 

This home will always be special to us. It was our first home, where we put up our first Christmas tree, where we brought home our first baby, the first place we really called "home" for our family. Although there is a lot that we are looking forward to in our move, there is a lot we will miss: the morning sunlight in our living room, the creak in the floor right under Alora's rocking chair, the beautiful hardwood floors, the coziness of our family room, the always-perfect temperature of our balcony.

And now, after filling out 1,962 forms and making 1,974 phone calls, we will be moving this weekend. I can hardly believe it. As much as I will miss our condo, this move can't come fast enough. I am ready. We are all ready. This next chapter in our lives will be a big one and we are so eager for it to begin.

An now here's one last look at our first home...


Farewell, Chicago. Thanks for the memories!

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