Saturday, May 4, 2013

Little Talks (and random photos)


Alora's daycare teacher told me they were trying humus for the first time at school. Alora proudly told them, "I eat humus at home!!"

After a weekend with grandparents, Alora had been acting up quite a bit.
Me, joking: What did Baki do to you?!
Alora: Baki crAAAzy!
(I later learned the story behind this one - Baki kept dropping things and finally said, "Baki is craaazy today!". Apparently it stuck.

While out shopping Alora was eying some red princess dress shoes but in the end we went with the princess tennies. (she has a thing for princesses, can you tell?) The next morning she was so excited to open up her new box of shoes, but looking very confused said, "No, these aren't red... where are my red shoes?" Back to the store they go...

While watching Daniel Tiger on PPS a fundraiser kept repeating during the commercial breaks. Alora finally had enough and said (loudly enough for me to hear from the other room), "Go Away Mercials!". I think the phrase might stick in the Malek household.

When we were waiting to board for Alora's first big plane ride, we were watching our plane through the window.
Me: What do you think? That's our plain right there!
Alora : The plane has yucky horns.
This was clearly one of those times when I had no response. 

"waiting for princesses"
Alroa:  Rock-a-bye baby, in the teapot...

Alora: "I don't like pizza. It's spicy. It hurts my head."
(She LOVES pizza.)

I was calling for our dog Cosmo and Alora told me, "He's coming. He's scratching his bum."

Alora: Whacha doin' mommy?
Me: We're making a cake for Dad.
Alora: Awesommmmmme!!

This one doesn't really need an explanation: "I went poop! I like poop! It's HAPPY poop!"

While listening to a song about acorns, I asked Alora if she was a nut. She responded, "I'm Crocodile Malek!"

We smelled a skunk while driving home one day.
Me: Peeew! That smells like a skunk!"
Ali" Yeah, Skunk went potty. He needs to change his diaper.

I explained to Alora that her wind breaker helps to keep the wind out. Later that day...
Me: Boy, it's really windy out.
Alora: My coat broke the wind.

Grammie: Ali, what will you do after you move?
Alora: Pack!!!

After packing up Ali's room, the first thing she did was run to her closet and say, "Where's my LOTS of shoes?!?!"

I tried to help Alora while she was having a hard time getting her sandals on.
Alora: Don't touch them. My toes are outrageous!"

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