Friday, February 1, 2013

Photo A Day is Back!

That's right! I'm giving it another try. Last year, right around this time, I tried out the photo a day challenge.  I really enjoyed it and love looking back at the photos. You can read more about it here. I actually stuck with it for close to a month. This year's goal is to make it the full month of February. 

Once again I'm using the photo prompts from Fat Mum Slim.  She puts out a new list each month. Here is her full list, and you can read all of the "rules" here. Like last year, I'll also be adding all of my photo-a-days to Instagram. 


Today's prompt was "fork". We had one of our family favorites for dinner tonight: open face BBQ sandwiches, french fries and green beans. Delish!

day 1: fork
We also have a sicky on our hands. She's been sneezing and coughing all day, poor sweetie. 

Our plan is to go to the Disney on Ice show tomorrow so hopefully she's feeling a little better. I actually heard her talking in her sleep this afternoon, "I want to go see Merida" (I told her Merida would be there). I think she might love it!

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