Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Look Out June Cleaver

That's right. Look out June Cleaver. This girl just made a quilt. Booyah.
( I use the word "just" loosely since it took me almost a year. )

Another title I considered for this post was "World's Worst Seamstress Makes World's Worst Quilt." But I thought I'd give June a run for her money.

I started it last Christmas when Jake got me a sewing machine.  And let's just say it was a learning experience. Even with the help of my trusty Scrap Manager (see below), things did not always go smoothly.

Alora playing the role of Scrap Manager, January 2012

I didn't really follow a pattern, but was inspired by a quilt I saw awhile ago on Pinterest.   

Since I'm new to sewing, I made pretty much every mistake possible when sewing or quilting. My great grandmothers, a few of whom were quilters, must have been watching over me, because somehow this bad boy turned out alright in the end.


It's big enough for a throw on the sofa and so far has held up to our day-to-day use.

I machine pieced the top and machine quilted the lines across. The binding was hand stitched while watching the entire first season of Dowton Abbey on a very late Friday night when Jake was out of town. That's how I roll.

  I know... my awesomeness is blowing your mind. :0)

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