Friday, January 17, 2014

Bed Rest and Baby

A few of you have been asking about how this pregnancy is going so I thought it was high time I sent out a little update. My due date is still Feb 9th, but this little guy (yes, we're having a boy!!) will be making his debut sometime next week.

I've been on modified bed rest (meaning my activities are restricted and I need to sit/lay down most of the day) since Dec. 12, week 31. It is the same culprit that gave us problems with my pregnancy with Alora: high blood pressure and possible preeclampsia (more on that story here and here.). I've been admitted into Labor and Delivery twice due to the elevated blood pressure but both times I was thankfully discharged the same day once things settled down. And although my test numbers have been getting a little higher and higher, I've managed to stay below what is considered the preeclampsia threshold, which is a very good thing. It seems the bed rest is doing the trick this time around. The longer I can keep my body rested and pregnant, the better chance this little boy has in coming home with us right away, instead of being in the special care nursery where Alora was stuck for two weeks.

I've been seeing a high risk doctor to monitor the baby a few time. So far, everything about him is looking great and on track, however the doctor does not want me to go past 37-38 weeks. That means I will be induced sometime next week. I have an appointment on Monday and if things are still looking stable, they will try to stretch this out until Thursday, however if things are elevating I could be admitted as early as Monday. Only time will tell... There is also a chance I will go into labor on my own.  I've been having TONs of braxton hicks contractions but they are very rarely in any sort of pattern. When I was at the hospital earlier this week they were coming every 5-8 minutes, which seems to be my evening routine. However when I wake up in the morning, they are back to maybe 1-3 an hour. So far they aren't painful, but every day they have been getting a little more and more uncomfortable, for lack of a better word. So who knows, maybe this kid will decide on his own he's ready to come out a little early. Again, only time will tell. Either way, I know that by this time next week our little family will be plus one!

Alora has been so sweet about me being on bed rest, too. For a three year old she's seem to grasp what is going on pretty well. She's constantly reminding me to sit down and rest, which is so cute coming from her. When I told her that baby brother is going to be coming next week so got very excited and asked if I would have him behind my back. (She's been really into surprises lately and will hold toys behind her back and yell "surprise!") I told her that I probably wouldn't be holding her baby brother behind my back, but maybe he'll be hiding under a blanket when she comes to visit. She seemed happy with that, haha!

A huge, HUGE factor in helping me keep things stable is the AMAZING support I've had. Since Jake is still working full days he's only able to do so much, and for every extra step he's taken I've been grateful. The rest of the gaps have been filled by various family members and friends. My mom has played a huge roll in keeping our household running smoothly. My dad has stepped in to help tie up some loose end projects and keep Alora occupied. Jake's parents have stepped in when their busy schedules allow, helping for a few stretches at a time. Even Jake's brother came for a few days to play "Mr Mom." I cannot begin to express how grateful I am to have these amazing people in my life. They've cleaned our home, cooked our meals, washed our laundry, entertained Alora, drove her to preschool and dance lessons and me to countless doctor visits.  Thank you, thank you, thank you. My heart is so full of gratitude for you all and I will make sure this little boy knows about all the love and support he was given to help him arrive safely.

I've also had a few people asking how I've been spending my days. Although there have been a few long and boring days, for the most part they are flying by. Since I already have a three year old, I'm not exactly able to read a pile of books or get caught up on my movie list. I spend a lot of my days on the couch in her playroom keeping her company or hanging out in the living room while my mom/mother-in-law/brother-in-law cleans and cooks around me. It has been nice to simply sit and talk with them all while they are here. I've also allowed myself a few outings to Target and Babies R Us to pick up a few last minute baby essentials, but I'm sure to check my blood pressure before, during and after each outing.

And I've started sewing again. I've been working on a hand-pieced quilt for about two years now. It's something I'll probably never finish but I like to get it out here and there to work on while I watch TV at night. I also made my first doll, lol. I'm not quite sure what possessed me to do this one. Awhile ago Alora was asking for a Beast doll to go with her Belle doll (from Beauty and the Beast) and I told her maybe someday I would make her one (not sure what I was thinking when that flew out of my mouth) and it dawned on me one day that now would be as good a time as any.

So I dug through my fabric scraps and garage sale clothes and managed to make her a Beast doll. I have to say it turned out way better than I expected! And I really like making it, too. So the past few days I've spent some of my time researching how to make a second doll.

I've also spend a lot of time snuggling with Alora in our big rocking chair while we watch a movie or watching her through the window while she plays out in the snow. Being forced to relax and sit down has definitely helped me to appreciate the little things like this. And the timing could not be more perfect, knowing our little world will be changing again in just a few days.

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