Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Week 20

I can hardly believe we're in week 20! That means we're half way there! Holy cow... My belly is definately growing. I actually didn't even realize how much until I saw this photo. I've been feeling great lately. No major cravings, no major mood swings (Jake might have his own opinion on this) and I definitely have my energy back. Thank goodness.

We spent the weekend and after work hours this week painting our bedroom and getting the finished touches done. So we are one more room closer to starting on the nursery. I'll post photos of the bedroom soon. Next on the list is to convert the now office into the office/guest room so we can convert our current guest room into the nursery. That will be part of this weekend's project. Oh, the fun never ends.

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Kage Imagery said...

Hi Matia! Love your blog. My mom sent it to me so I could see your cute pictures! Congrats on the baby!

I see that you have a Nikon--if we're ever home at the same time I'd love to give you some tips if you're still looking!

Katie (Thering) Berger

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