Thursday, February 7, 2013

Life Lately: January 2013

I don't know about you, but I'm still trying to write 2012 on everything. I don't know why this new year won't stick! Anyways, I mentioned awhile ago that I wanted to start sharing more of our day-to-day photos and stories so I'm going to try to do a little recap at the end of each month. We'll have some of the highlights along with some of our photos that I want to share that may not be worthy of an entire post. So here is January!

1 - So. Much. To. Pack. Jake and I spend the morning packing the car with all our holiday loot.  Sad to leave our families but it's so nice to get home. A quick grocery run for necessities, then we watched the Rose Bowl (whomp whomp)
3 - Busybusybusy still trying to make a dent into my work from the past week.
9 - Tried out some new recipes: twice baked potatoes and garlic-brown sugar chicken. Awesome!
*12 - met friends (Phil and Heather) for dinner
14 - Monday=groceries
15 - first night of no paci!!! yay!! It only took 2 hours for her to fall asleep.
16 -  I baked a cake!
17 - went to the Chicago Market, then wandered around the streets. Love being downtown with no plans. I stopped by Blick art supplies and found some pens. Mom and dad are visiting.
18 - my parents babysat. I went I to the office for a day of meetings. We ordered from our favorite Thai place for dinner.
19 - Mom and I cleaned like maniacs and Jake and my dad re-caulked the shower.
21 - Ikea! We walked around for an extra 20 minutes looking for a coveted car-cart.
23 - Dried up pot roast for dinner and curious George movie with popcorn. Ali's favorite.
*24 - Ali and I had a dance party.
*26 - After a morning of cleaning we took a break to play at the park. Ali and Cosmo splashed in the puddles. Alora started calling Jake her prince. I want to dance with my prince

So that's January. We packed in a lot this month and topped it with even more dance parties held in our dinning room ballroom. Life is good. Life is happy.

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