Friday, February 8, 2013

A Fairytale Night to Remember

My sweet-as-can-be cousin Jolene came to visit us with her friend Kristin last weekend. They are both huge Disney buffs, and both have even worked at the park. During their stay, we all went to see Disney On Ice at the United Center. It was a great show and Alora loooooooved it. As soon as we got there I treated her to a Rapunzel doll (who has not left her side since) and lots of goodies. Unfortunately the $12 (eeesh!) flavored ice was "too cold" but the $10 popcorn was a hit. And we got a  sweet souvenir cup and bucket out of the deal (I'm trying to make the crazy prices sound a little more worth it in my head).

While I was out on the town with our guests, Jake got Alora dressed and ready for the show. He said he let her pick out her outfit. Her dress of choice was her purple cheerleader dress-up costume (also a "requirement" for 50% of our dance parties). I asked her if she wanted to change and she firmly said No. "I wear my princess dress!" And so she did.

By the end of the show, we had sleepy, runny-nosed girl trying to keep her eyes open to soak up every bit of princess magic she could. Watching her amazement and wonder was my favorite part of the show.

Thanks for introducing us to a great memory, Jolene and Kristin! This night goes down in the books!

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