Friday, December 21, 2012

Oh What Fun! The Christmas Express

Ok, you caught me - I missed yesterday's Christmas activity. Oops. It was a long day of work, a never ending commute, a crabby 2 year old and an exhausted mom. Maybe I'll say that yesterday's activity was "take the night off and daze at gaze lovingly at the Christmas tree (with a drink in hand)." That works, right...?

Anyways, today we were back at it. Alora and I did a whirewind shopping trip. I dragged that poor girl from one end of the mall to the other... at least three times. She was a trooper. As a thanks for being such a good girl through it all I finally gave into one of her thousand pleas to ride the little train that drives around the mall. Do your malls have trains? I don't know if this is something new or if I've just been completely oblivious to mall-trains until I had a kid. But every time we go to this mall Alora begs for a ride on the choo-choo and today I finally took the time to let her ride. She was the perfect rider and sat quietly in her seat. This may have also been due to the fact that she was out an hour past her nap time. I do think she enjoyed it though because she started crying when it was time to deboard.  My phone was terrible at taking pictures today (yes, I'll blame it on my phone) but you can barely see her little head in the blue car.

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