Sunday, July 8, 2012

Two Big!

Today is Alora's birthday! This morning at 7:07am she turned two years old. I woke up right around that time and laid in bed, reminiscing about the crazy, beautiful day she was born


Flash forward two years and she is officially a big girl! We've been practicing saying "How old is Ali? ...Two!!" and "I'm a Big Girl!" Well, somewhere along the way, she combined the two and says "Two Big!", very proudly. 

We spent the weekend in Wisconsin and were lucky enough to celebrate with both sides of our family. I think her favorite present was her new "baby".

 She was pretty smitten with her new friend and took her for several walks up and down the sidewalk, with her new purse in tow.

 Along with her new purse, she got lots and lots of fancy jewelry. Here she is looking very ladylike with her new handbag and jewels.

After a day full of family and new toys, she was starting to wind down, until we pumped her full of super sweet birthday cake.

 That gave us just enough time to give Alora her first golf cart ride with her Uncle Nate. She wasn't quite sure of it at first, but when they came back, she was all smiles.

Here's to another year of firsts and some more seconds. Happy Birthday, Alora Bernice! We love you!!

A huge thanks to our families for celebrating with us and for making her 2nd birthday a great day!

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