Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Name

Oooh, it seems I've took a bit of a break from my photo a day project. For some reason, I've either missed my opportunity or have not been motivated/inspired enough to find one. Today's photos are definitely not my favorite, but they are at least something I can talk about.

Not many people know this, but I love calendars. And lists and journals. They can be empty or full, messy or neat. I could spend hours browsing through the calendar and notebook aisles at office supply stores. I especially love flipping through other people's calendars and journals. And no, I'm not a snoop! I barely even look at the words. I like to see the writing, but not read it.  I just have a fascination with how people organize and record their lives. And like I said, I don't even read the words. I just like the overall visual effect of their writing, notes, thoughts, plans, dreams... Some are like grids. Some are chaotic. Some are like swirling clouds...

So back to the photo of the day, I chose my calendar. It also includes my wallet, contact numbers, lists and ideas, and I'm sure, in more that one place, my name. I'm often dissatisfied with my calendars and find they are lacking half the qualities I need. I want a place where I am happy to leave my notes, lists, plans and records of life. Not a place that I get agitated every time I use it. So this year, I took matters in to my own hands and made my own calendar.  I have an old Day Planner that I used, which is a great backbone. It can hold a large number of pages as well as my wallet. From there, I designed calendar and note inserts. I have about four different designs that I've shuffled into the mix, trying to figure out which set up and layout works best for my life and how I record it. I've also included an envelope for receipts. No more forgetting receipts in the dresser drawer or in the wrong bag. Everything I need is all in one place. So far, I'm loving it and am looking forward to perfecting my design and adding some more features. Who knows, maybe this will be my someday Etsy project. What do you think?

How about you? What is your favorite aisle at the store or what fascinates you about how other people organize and record their lives? Photo albums, recipes, old letters?

My Name: This post is part of my photo-a-day challenge. Read more about it here.

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