Saturday, March 24, 2012


Today's photo prompt was "animal," which, once again, was a big coincidence. I didn't look up today's word until I was at the zoo, of all places! Oh happy day! This should be an easy one!

Jake's brother, Nate, came to visit for the day and Alora had tons of fun showing him around the zoo. Although the weather was a little iffy, the cool, overcast morning turned out to be perfect for animal watching. They all seemed to be on the move, ready to show us their stuff. Like this lion ready to pounce on those poor ducks.

I'd have to say the turtle caught Alora's attention the most. She followed him back and forth, back and forth...

She even got to snuggle a bear (through the glass). That big black blob is him sleeping right behind her.

To top off the day, she got "kissed" by a polar bear who was showing off. He swam right up to her face!

Animal: This post is part of my photo-a-day challenge. Read more about it here.

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