Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pizza DIY: Taco Pizza

Pizza night in the Malek house! We've decided that we want to start making our own pizzas once in a while as a fun way to spend time together in the kitchen. And making pizza really couldn't be easier. Maybe someday, I'll be whipping up my own dough and freezing for quick week night  meals, but for now, the store bought kind works for us. Originally I had thought, "Yeah!  Let's make our own pizza! We'll save boat loads of money!" Alas, I'm pretty sure we ended up spending more on our homemade pizzas so far, once you add up all the toppings.  Oh, well. I like to think these are maybe a little healthier? You know, less sodium and preservatives... And we get the added benefit of doing something together. Anyways, tonight we tried taco pizza and pretty much made up our recipe as we went along.

Spread out your pizza crust (we used Pilsbury)
Smear on some refried beans. 
Add some seasoned taco meat, cheese, black olives, tomatoes, etc. (As a side note, I'm going to wait until after the pizza bakes to add the tomatoes next time.)
Top with salsa, sour cream, tomatoes and lettuce. 
Pretty darn good.

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