Monday, August 22, 2011

A Little Break

Sunday afternoon we took a much needed break from our closet-clean-out-extravaganza and washing machine fix-up (yes, that was broken and now fixed, thanks to my handy husband) and rounded up our picnic blanket and graham crackers and headed to the park.

I wish we could say that, come Monday morning, we were feeling a little more refreshed and recharged to take on the week, but that was not quite the case. Jake said it perfectly when he said, "Isn't it supposed to go, 'Everybody's workin' for the weekend?' (yes, he was quoting an awesome 80's song.) But if feels more like we're 'weekending for the work.'" It made sense at the time, but I feel like I should explain. It used to be that you work work work so you could play and relax on the weekend. Now, so much of the time it just feels we work work work all through the weekend, just to get everything ready so we can work work work through the week.

Anyone else feel the same way? What tricks do you have to keep yourselves and family feeling recharged?

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