Monday, August 15, 2011

My Kind of Town

My cousin Jessica came to visit us recently and we took her on a whirl-wind tour of the city. We saw it all, downtown, skyscrapers, Navy Pier, Wrigleyville nightlife, and we even managed to throw in a late night honky-tonk bar for good measure. By Monday morning, we were able to tell our friends what an amazing weekend we had but at the same time, were very much reminded that we have passed our "going out prime."

Here's a little peak at our day: lunch over looking the lovely Chicago River.
Next we took a swing past the famous "Bean." Do you see us?
 Time for "Where's Waldo Jake"
Little kids eagerly waiting for the fountain.
A stroll through the art museum gardens.
The famous lions.
A "walk by" chess game. 
Jessica at Lallapalooza.
The NBC studio.
Enjoying a beer at Harry Caray's.
Jessica laughing at my stealth photography techniques on Navy Pier.
Random dancers.
The view from Navy Pier.
Garrettt's Popcorn ~ I lure unsuspecting tourists onto the trolley rides so I can get a free bag.
(Btw, where is that shadow on the left coming from? Creepy...)
The Wrigley Building. 
Forever Marilyn.
Beautiful architectural details. 
A quick stroll down the "Magnificent Mile."
And the Sears Willis Tower.
And that was our Chicago-In-A-Day tour.  I'm exhausted just reminiscing about it!

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