Monday, August 8, 2011


Alora and Cosmo are the best of buddies. She loves playing chase with Cosmo and he plays right along. This week Cosmo is at Camp Mick, aka my parents' house. We mentioned his name today while Alora was eating and she started looking around for him, ready to play. I think she's looking forward to getting her buddy back this weekend.

5 reasons to be happy~
1. We had a great weekend touring Chicago. It's always refreshing to see this city through the eyes of a tourist.
2. We had a great night out with friends on Saturday and stayed out waaaaay past our bedtime.
3. Jake does not, after all, have to travel for work this week. We both need an easy week at home to recoup from our weekend.
4. We're looking forward to another busy and fun-packed Wisconsin weekend.
5. We had comfort food for dinner.

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