Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dear Alora

My Sweet Alora,

You are 2 1/2 years old now and you continue to amaze us every day. Your current favorite color is purple. You love Cinderella and Rapunzel. Your favorite foods are pancakes, macaroni and cheese, and pizza. You are still tall and thin but your body is finally starting to catch up with the size if your hair. You love taking walks to our park, splashing in puddles, and helping me grocery shop. You love to "play" with your grandparents on the "puter" and at nights, you like to put your daddy "to bed". You've also started to become much more independent, trying to do so many things on your own, tasting new food, kicking us out of your room at night so you can be alone to read your books. You've also started testing us with your attitude and actions...and are giving us a run for our money!

You still have a way with words that causes us to bite our lips to keep from giggling when you talk. You still call Cosmo Bobbo but I think you know better. You've even "slipped" and said Cosmo or something close and you've quickly corrected yourself to say Bobbo. You tell me that he is your buddy and a good boy, and you just squeal when he chases you.

The other day we drove past a cemetery and you exclaimed, "Oooh! Look at all the castles!!" I didn't even begin to explain that one. Castles they are...!

We've also been working with you on potty training. You aren't too excited about it yet, but the concept is starting to sink in. After your bath the other day you were walking around in the buff. I noticed you were keeping one hand on your behind the whole time.  When I asked what you were doing you told me that you were "holding it", a line I've used with you many times, that you've seemed to take quite literally.  Another time you were sitting on the bed while I was changing clothes. You kindly reminded me,  "don't poop on the floor." Thanks, love.

My new favorite thing to do with you is watching you with your daddy.  It absolutely melts my heart.  It is so true how they say a girl's fist love is her father. Your eyes just light up when he comes home. All of the crabbiness you might have had with me during the day just melts away as soon has he enters the door. To you, he is magic. You've even started calling him your Prince and request nightly dances with your Prince.  The other day when we were out getting groceries I lost my mitten somewhere in the store. I was clearly frustrated but you calmly told me from the backseat that it would be ok, because your Prince would find it.

Sweet dreams, my love.

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