Monday, December 24, 2012

Tis the Season to by Jolly

We started off day 23 with a little more sledding and even a mini snow fight.

Once we got warmed up again, we met up with some of my hometown friends. I've know most of these lovely ladies and guys since I was Alora's age and now that we're all starting to have kiddos of our own it's so much fun to get them together.

After we had the kiddos tucked into bed with the grandparents, we all met back out for a night on the town. Is this a good looking crew or what?!

Melissa, Beast, Matt, Nay, Todd, Scoles, Cokes, Brotha Ben, Cristin, Trav, EZ, T, Kyle, Jake, and several brandy old fashions

Thanks to everyone for a fun night!

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