Sunday, December 23, 2012

Oh What Fun: Sledding!

For day 22 we headed north to visit family. Our car was SO full that we had to rethink our packing strategy. Since we could fit more in the front seat, we ended up putting a bunch of bags up front so I was stuck in the back between Ali's seat and a moose our dog Cosmo. It was "cozy."Here's Alora's face when we told her where we were going:

 We pulled into my parents house just seconds before our cousins, Luke, Katie and their girls Haddie and Libbie. Once we all got buddled up, we headed to the sledding hill. It was Alora's first time sledding and she loved it! She even got brave enough to go down the hill by herself.


 Once we all had enough of the snow we headed back to my parents' house to warm up with some hot chocolate, candy canes and, just like last time, several squealing laps around the house.

After a full day of running, playing, squealing and sledding, these girls were wiped out and they all snuggled up together for a bedtime story.

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