Sunday, June 10, 2012


Lately in the Malek house:

Jake and I celebrated our 5th anniversary at our favorite restaurant, Pizza Art Cafe.
Alora's love for Oreos is growing, thanks to her fancy cookie box from Aunt Wendy.

Our seven-year-old Cosmo has the healthiest teeth the vet has seen.
We made blueberry pancakes in honor of one of our favorite bedtime stories.

Jake got a fancy new promotion at work (yay!)
Alora refers to herself as "Wowie".

Alora and I had our first "spa" day.
We visited our favorite diner for breakfast.

 Jake and I clean, clean, cleaned.
Alora got her first scrapped knee.

Alora and Cosmo are off to spend the week with the Grandmas.
Jake and I are off to the Grand Canyon. 

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