Monday, March 12, 2012


The Mr. is gone for the night on a business trip so while he is away, I am having a love affair...with carbs. Alora and I enjoyed some delicious leftover pasta and we  used our leftover french bread to make a mini pizza for her and bruschetta for me. Soooooo good. 

Carb Affair Dinner
Cook angel hair pasta according to the packaging.
Toss with a healthy does of olive oil, minced garlic and chopped broccoli. For us, the more broccoli, the better!
Top with some parmesan cheese.

Slice french bread at a diagonal so there is more surface area.
Top with sliced grape tomatoes, minced garlic, some olive oil and feta cheese and toast in the oven. The feta is what makes this soooo good.
I never know what spices to use when, so I tried some basil and it turned out pretty good. (You cookers out there are probably saying "Duh!")

I'm sure the guilt over my love affair with carbs will kick in tomorrow and I'll try to make up for it by looking up recipes from Atkins and South Beach. Until then, I am going to enjoy another glass of carb-filled wine.

This post is part of my photo-a-day challenge. Read more about it here.

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