Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy Monday

Well, here we are with another Monday. Time sure had been flying by! We had a great weekend. Jake was up in WI for the badger game and I picked up Alora from daycare on Friday after work and took her to her appointment. Alora has been having issues with reflux almost since birth. We've tried switching from breastfeeding to formula, which has helped a ton, we're on our 3rd medication and now we're trying chiropractics. Yes, it sounds a little odd to be taking an infant to a chiropractor and I was more that a little skeptical myself, but we did our research and found a dr that specializes in pediatrics and at this point, we figure we might as well give it a try. She's been continuing to throw up about every other day but her in between spit ups are much smaller and more manageable. So things are definitely improving. We have a few too many variables in the mix to know what exactly is helping, but whatever it is, we'll keep doing it. She has another chiropractor appointment tomorrow and a follow up appointment with a gastroenterologist next week. I'm eager to see how her weight gain is coming along. According to our scale, she's somewhere around 10lbs!

On the plus side, Alora has been SO happy lately. We are constantly being greeted with smiles and open mouth grins. I absolutely love it! And she's on the verge of giggling. She'll open her mouth wide with a smile, crinkle her eyes and let out what sounds like a little cough. It's adorable and I'm addicted to it!

For some other news, I had family from the Milwaukee area come down to visit on Saturday. We had a great time and it was SO nice to see everyone. My cousin Maddy, who is 13 and just starting to babysit, got in some good practice with Alora. And Alora just loved her! She was wore out from all the smiling she did with her and fell asleep on her shoulder. :0) Too sweet...

My parents stuck around through Sunday afternoon. The weather was perfect so we got my flowers dug up and the deck cleared off. We then took a walk through Lincoln Square. Once again, I owe them - they supplied almost all of the food for the weekend, helped with Cosmo and took care of some little projects around the house. Thank you, mom and dad!!

So, here are my 5 reasons to be happy today:
1. I had a great weekend with family!
2. Our house is clean and decluttered at the moment (I wish it could last...)
3. I am SO SO excited that our friends Kelly and Dave are expecting a little one in April!!
4. The fall weather has been absolutely perfect.
5. Alora's great big smiles.

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