Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's all in the name

A lot of people have asked us where we found the name Alora. And to be honest, we found it in a baby book... We both fell in love with the name and it made our top 3 list. Most places that I searched said that it was just a made up American name. Then I came across a website that said Alora is Swahili and means "little light." That was it for me. In my heart, she was already Alora.  It took Jake a little longer to decide, but once her did, he let me know by signing Alora's name on my very first mother's day card. I was so happy. I could officially put a name to those little kicks I was feeling.

Bernice Marie Coher, 1921-2008

Her middle name, Bernice, is after my grandmother, Bernice Coher. My grandmother passed away a while ago but still remains close in my heart and Jake and I felt this would be a great way to honor her.  And if Alora inherits even a small amount of her great grandmother's quick wit, she is sure to be the life of any party. Love you grandma!

In the past few months, Alora has also received many nicknames. We go back and forth, calling her Alora and Ali B, depending on her mood. Her dad likes to call her Turkey, and to me, she's Love.

Alora was also baptized on August 15th. The photo above shows her wearing her precious baptism gown, a gift from her Uncle and godfather Nate. She also has a beautiful embroidered blanket from her "Aunt" and godmother Sara.

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