Sunday, November 23, 2008

So I got my hair cut...and I Love it!! I haven't been very excited about any hair cuts for quite a while so I'm very happy. 

Anyway, I've been looking at some other blogs and I am totally loving what I see. People are so creative! I am supposed to be creative for a living and they are putting me to shame. I love what people are doing with scrapbooking, especially digital scrapbooking. It's amazing! I am so inspired. I saw a few people that made a page for everyday. They used
 different sized pieces of paper, different weights and then just added numbers to them (for the date) and of course a few words, photo or piece of decoration. I love it! Another idea is to take a photo every day of the year. For some reason I don' t see myself following through on that, but you never know... Here's a piece from one of the books at Savoring the Details.

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