Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cake for Breakfast

Parenting is hard. Really hard. And raising a child is sometimes like holding a mirror up to your biggest faults.  And something I've noticed in myself is that I can bypass fun, just to get the job done, which can lead to a job done, but a crabby family. Since I've set my resolutions for this year (which I still haven't printed out, grrr!) I'm trying to stay true to them and my one little word: choose. So the other day when I was cleaning the house (getting ready for a showing, actually) there was one piece of stale cake left in the pan. I was just about the throw it out so I could wash the pan and get it put away (less counter clutter = bigger looking kitchen), when I remembered my mom telling me that my grandma used to eat left over pie for breakfast.  So in honor of my grandma I called Alora into the kitchen and told her I had a surprise. If only you could have seen her eyes when she saw the cake pan sitting on the floor with 2 forks...before breakfast! I might as well have had a circus full of glitter-coated Disney Princesses right behind me. She was tickled! So we started our day with a nutritious delicious breakfast of cake. On the floor. We then spent the rest of our morning in sugar-induced giggles, talking about what fun our breakfast was.

What little things have you done lately that remind you stop and enjoy the moment?

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