Friday, November 30, 2012

A Howling Good Time!

 After our Thanksgiving visit with family in Minnesota, we broke up our drive home with two nights in Wisconsin Dells. And it. was. awesome!  The look on Alora's face here pretty much sums it up.


Our timing could not have been more perfect. We stayed at the Great Wolf Lodge on the Sunday and Monday after Thanksgiving. And my guess is that we were one of thirty families in the entire resort. No lie. They said the week after Thanksgiving is always their slowest and it was amazing. There was never any wait for seating, food and the water park was pretty much ours alone. We practically had to wake up the lifeguards when we were ready to go down a ride.

And the resort was SO kid and family friendly. They handed out wolf ears and tails at the restaurant so Ali proudly wore hers for the majority of our stay. Every evening, just before bedtime, they had a story time for the kids where Wiley the wolf even made an appearance.

The water park was a blast, too. It took some time for Alora to get used to the water and slides, but I think having the place to ourselves with no lines made it a little easier for a two year old not to get trampled. And once she got the hang of the slides, she went over and over and over.

Her favorite was "the bird slide"  and she happily posed for a photo next to him.

And when our fingers were completely pruned, we took a break and had some fun at the arcade. Alora's favorite game was riding the ice cream truck. Parting from it actually ended in a full blown tantrum, but thankfully we were the only ones in the place so it wasn't a big deal. And she got to turn in her tickets for a prize at the end of the night. She picked a little toy Wiley Wolf and a candy bracelet.

Before we left, Alora had to say one more goodbye to to Wiley. We all had such a great few days together in our own private water park. I think we'll have to go back again next year!

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