Friday, February 24, 2012

Holiday Recap Part 1

What!? I have a blog?! Eeek!

So maybe I've been neglecting this a little lately. My bad. Please don't take it personally. It's just that I've been too lazy life has been to busy for much blogging time. But I'm back! We now have a fancy schmancy (we'll pretend that's a real word) new MacBook Pro and I am jazz-hands excited about! Now when we settle in for the night to watch our shows I have my beloved laptop attached to my hip. First on my list is to get some of those holiday photos out there (gotta keep the grandmas happy!)

We didn't get a big tree this since we knew we would be out of town for over a week through the holidays. Instead, we brought out this little guy. In a mad dash after work, we somehow managed to cram all of our bags, presents a toddler and a 90lb dog into our car (seriously, there was not an inch to spare) and headed north.

We started off our week at my parents' house for Christmas. Alora was in awe of the Christmas tree, and continuously dragging Papa over to the snowman collection for a guided tour.

One of Alora's FAVORITE presents was her pretty blue sled from Grandma & Grandpa Malek. Fortunately Christmas Eve was one of the few days that there was actually snow this year so we bundled up and pulled her around the yard until it was almost melted.


Some other Christmas highlights included a new Magne-Doodle,  a baby doll and a visit from Alora's Fairy Godmother Sara.

Whew, so that catches us up 2 days... Only 2 more months to go!

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