Sunday, October 30, 2011

Meet Mrs. Pumpkin

So Alora came to use the other day and said "Mom and Dad, wouldn't it be just delightful to carve a Halloween pumpkin?" 

So we had a snack and discussed all of our potential designs, did a little research and came the perfect idea!

First step was to distract Alora with enough food so Jake could trace her little hand.

Then I cut out his drawing and traced it onto our pumpkin.

Added some lips and a curly hairline (...resemble someone you might know?).

Then started carving away. Alora lost interest at this point but Cosmo was a good help.

It wasn't until I showed her the "guts" that she wheeled over with her go-cart to check out what was going on.

 So there you have it ~ meet Mrs. Pumpkin.

 Alora didn't quite know what to think at first and just sat there waving at her new friend until she got brave enough to sit by her.
 Happy Halloween!

1 comment:

sarski101 said...

Very cute! Great job, Matia & Alora!

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