Thursday, March 7, 2013

In The Park, We Can Build A Snowman

Holy buckets, can you believe it's already almost mid-march? Ok, so maybe I worded that to sound a little closer to spring than it actually is. Wishful thinking? Either way, I wanted to get this post in before we all forgot what snow was for the season (yeah, right).

We had a big snow a few weeks ago so as soon as we were all home from work we raced to the park to play. The park near our house is something I will really miss about living where we do. True, we don't have yard, but we have a giant park with miles of paths, green grass, open spaces, more jungle gyms than a 2 year old could wish for, a swimming pool and a dog park. Yes, this park has been a big part of our lives while living here and it will truly be missed. Anyway, I digress.

Back to the snow.

We helped Alora build her first snowman.  The snow was probably some of the best packing snow we've had all winter so it went together pretty quickly.

She helped roll and pack while Cosmo got in some good sniffing.

Once our big guy was assembled we thought we were done, but Alora must have brushed up on her snowman anatomy because she instructed us that he needed a hat, eyes, nose and arms.

We were short of a hat, but we ran off to the trees to get some sticks for arms and a nose...

Chiseled on some eyes, and he was close enough to complete.

 Until Cosmo decided to go after his arms.

Look at that guilty face.

Thankfully it was some easy patching.

By that point we were all about frozen and looking like this:

So we gave our new friend a farewell hug and headed home.

Good night snow man.

Good night park.

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Sara Lanser said...

Great post! So happy for all three of you, and CONGRATS on baby #2!!!!

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