Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving in Minnesota!

As I shared the other day, we spend our Thanksgiving weekend in Minnesota visiting Jake's side of the family. And we. had. a blast!

We headed up to my parents after work on Tuesday to cut out 3 hours of drive time and to drop off our dog. And on Wednesday morning, we made the rest of our trip. Jake's family lives north of the twin cities, so we didn't make it there until just before dinner. We made a quick stop to pick up some Old Fashioned supplies, our latest drink of choice. And being from Wisconsin we naturally use brandy, not whiskey. Delicious! We stayed with Jake's cousin Sara and her husband Dave. I'm pretty sure Alora would have willingly stayed with Dave for another few weeks and she's still asking about him. Lol! They were so kind to let us take over their home. They fed us delicious breakfasts, helped entertain Alora and let us swoon over their absolutely adorable little boy!

We spent Thanksgiving day at Jake's Grandma Ade's house and ate waaay to much good food. She had it all!  And Alora had a blast showing her all of her toys.

To top off the day, Jake's incredibly talented aunt Audrey made an AMAZING quilt for Alora.  This photo cracks me up - you can see Alora just bursting with excitement. "A Cat!! And Flowers!! And Birdieeees!!!"

We had our Thanksgiving Part Two on Saturday with Jake's mom's side of the family and Grandma Pat. We had about 47 kinds of dips (all delicious) and heaps of spaghetti.  Alora ran around with a house full of cousins and was thoroughly exhausted by the time we got her into bed.

Thanks to everyone for a great Thanksgiving weekend!

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