Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Happy 22 months, little one!


You love pizza, french fries and oreos.
You have your own vocabulary (milk=guck, Cosmo=Baboo, Grammie=Baggie, Oreo=Reeoreeo)
You like to jump and screeeeeam and play chase!
You love to play with your beads.

You say please and thank you (when prompted).
Your favorite color is yellow, or pink, or orange or blue, depending on the day.
Sometimes you are Daddy's girl and sometimes you are Mommy's girl.
You "hug" Cosmo by leaning your head towards him.
You love your friends at school and get shy when I ask about them.
You are just starting to get into Seasame Street. Your favorite character is Elmo.

Your most favorite person in the world is Papa.
You know how to use an iPad.
You are very proud of your shoes.
You don't like to be without socks.
You love all animals.
You love trucks, buses and airplanes, but mostly trucks.

You giggle when you eat food you really like (strawberries and watermelon).
You like to help cook in the kitchen.
You like to pick out your hair bow every morning. 
You are equally called Alora and Ali and, quite often, Turkey.
You've started using a squinty-eyed smirk that means "I'm going to do something naughty".
You love books and reading.

You're favorite book is Snuggle Puppy and you "sing" along to the oooohs.
Your teacher said you are a social butterfly, the girl who get's along with everyone.
You like to sleep with at least 3 "paci"s.
Your favorite stuffed animal is Piggy.
You continue to capture my heart.

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