Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sock Puppets!

Alora had a nasty cold a few days back so we were stuck at home until her nose stopped running long enough to be seen in public. So we got creative with our time around the house and whipped up some sock puppets!

Supplies needed are some sort of marker and, you guessed it, socks (preferably clean). I used the shorty ankle socks since they are easier for her to put on herself, instead of trying to wrestle with longer socks.

We used some old Prismacolor design markers that I had leftover from school, but I'm sure any kind of marker or even paint would do the trick. I just grabbed what was available and easy. All you have to do is add some silly faces - obviously drawing skills are not necessary, but I do give myself bonus points for the stylish bob.


There you have it ~ easy as pie!

And since she had a cold, these bad boys doubled as nose wipers... just kidding (but not really). The good news is that I can just throw them in the wash. The ink might wash out, but that just means we get to have fun making some new "friends."

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