Monday, August 29, 2011

What a week!

What a week and weekend! It has been an absolute whirl wind. Here's a quick recap of all the goings-ons around here:

1. I have some exciting news about my job - more to share on that shortly, once the details get sorted.

2. I had a follow up to my follow up to my follow up for my blood pressure issues. It had been high since pregnancy (see here) and decided to stick around after Alora was born. The good news is that my doctor thinks I should be back to normal in just a few more months (and minus a few more pounds).

3. We took the train out to the suburbs on Friday night for a friend's birthday party. It was so nice catching up with everyone and we decided to add Elmhurst to our list of "Someday if we move to the suburbs" locations to consider. I love looking at for my daydream breaks during the day.

4. We got some Garrett's popcorn for the train ride! Woo hoo! I love Garrett's pop corn.

5. My mom came down to visit for the weekend and helped a TON around the house and got to spend some great time with Alora.

6. We went to Ikea, where I left feeling somehow inspired and depressed at the same time. That place is SO amazing and overwhelming. Since then, I've been studying my catalog and coming up with my shopping list so I can keep moving on my Home Project. (I've got some ideas that I'm really excited about!)

7. We clean, clean, cleaned yesterday and our house feels soooo good. No more grit on the floor.


8. Grandma Julie taught Alora how to eat with a spoon over the weekend (my clean house was short lived). She now refuses to be fed by us and prefers to fling yogurt towards her face in hopes that some will land in her mouth. Hehe, I'm just kidding. She's actually surprising neat about eating.

 9. We found some stickers inside a magazine!

Aaaand, I still need to take some photos of my closet re-do... but I'm still working on it. Yes, after a week and a half, we're still going.

I added to my project by purging through ALL of our clothes. We had some seasonal clothing and maybe-it-will-fit-again-someday clothing packed into a whole other closet and six boxes. The good news is that we got those six boxes narrowed down to two boxes which now fit into our nice and neat closet. As we were sorting through we even discovered clothing that we thought we had long ago got rid of. We also went through our armoire, nightstand, my dresser and all we have left to do is Jake's dresser. So far we've hauled out nine garbage bags of clothes, belts, ties, and mittens, oh my! I originally thought we might try to have a sale of some sort but now I just want it out of my house! So we bagged everything up and sent it off to Goodwill.

We tackled a lot on that first weekend that we started this project but since then we've only been able to do a little bit each night. So hopefully this week I can get some official After photos up to share. All I can say so far is that it feels really good letting go of so much excess.

Whew! Like I said, it has been a busy busy week with still some more to do, go and be. We have a great big chunk of family coming for our Labor Day weekend and we are SO excited to give them our Chicago tour!  Until then, we're just waiting for them to get here...

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