Friday, August 5, 2011

Happy Monday!

No autographs, please.
 We had a great weekend. Grandma Kathy came down to visit and babysit. It was just us girls in the house on Thursday night as Jake was in AZ for a quick business trip. Jake and I went to a friend's wedding on Friday night while Alora practiced standing and walking with Grandma. She's become so much more stable on her feet, just in the past few days. Very exciting to see! Sunday was supposed to be our productive day around the house, where we got everything done so we could actually have some time after work this week to relax... But, somehow we strayed from our plan and ended up walking to Lincoln Square for gelato (SO Good!), enjoying conversation sitting on a park bench and grilling brats with some friends. We did manage to fit in a few loads of laundry (now that I think of it, I'm pretty sure there is a load of good clothes sitting in a wrinkled heap in our dryer) and I scooped up a few dust balls that were floating around our wood floors so our guests wouldn't trip over them.

But this week, it's down to business! No more slacking. Our goal is to have the house in shape in time for our weekend company. Otherwise, we are going to have to make our poor guest wear a blindfold around our house, but that just doesn't seem as hospitable to me.

My 5 reasons to be happy today ~
1. We had a great weekend getting together with friends.
2. Alora is doing great, eating great and is well on her way to walking! This is her longest stretch of good health yet (knock on wood!).
3. The bosses were out today and I still managed to have a productive day.
4. I'm looking forward to having a clean house by the end of the week.
5. Even more so looking forward to my weekend company.

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