Thursday, July 7, 2011

My day so far:
5am - alarm goes off.
5:09 - alarm goes off again
5:18 - alarm goes off again
   fast forward...
6:00 - sprint to get ready
6:30 - wake up Ali and get her dressed. (So glad she's a morning person)
6:44 - fall down stairs while running out of the house with a baby and 3 bags in arms. Possibility that I will not be able to walk tomorrow = high.
6:47 - in the car and down the road
6:50 - call mom and dad for my morning commute chat. Ali in the backseat rotating between her sippy cup, pacifier and "ba!"s.
7:15 - roll in to daycare. (Ali and I absolutely love that place). talk to her teacher for a while and spend way too much time playing with Ali while at the same time being very tempted to crawl behind one of the climbing blocks to take a nap.
7:30 - pull myself together and finally head to work.
7:40 - pull into work and try to pretend like I've been there for the last 30 minutes (I have flex hours so it really doesn't matter what time I get in. I just like to give the illusion that I'm an early bird.) Time to focus. My work day started off well. I poured through my emails and got that checked off the to do list in my head. (I can hear my mother now - "You need to make yourself a list. Write it down." And you know, I always thought I was a list person until I realized I wasn't. At least not all of the time. I like the idea of lists and I use them when I have them but I'm lacking a central info system right now and I haven't been able to pull one together yet. There are some times that I am very organized and then suddenly I realize everything has fallen apart and I'm just carrying around this illusion of organized in my head. I'm realizing more and more each day that I'm getting to that point again and I need to pull my life together and get things back in order. Time is a huge hurdle. I need to figure out how to get some more of that. But that's a whole other issue - time to focus on today... After my emails, my mind completely turned to mush and I have really gotten nothing done. I surfed my favorite blogs for a while, which lead from one thing to the next in the realm of non-productivity. I mean I just had to click on that next link about re-finishing furniture. I might want to try that someday (which I honestly do) and really need to know all of the details. Right now. And then, oooh, what's this next story about? And this one? Okay, okay! Enough. Time to focus and get some work done.

My Desk. Yes, that really is a wine glass. It's work related. I promise.
9:30 - write up a to do list for the day (see mom?). Looks pretty do-able. I can do this.
9:35 - boss stops by. conversation reminds me of something completely unrelated to work that I want to look up. Head to google as soon as he leaves.
9:36 - back to work. focus.
9:37 - hungry. grab a handful of almonds from my desk drawer.
9:39 - thirsty. run to the water cooler for a refill.
9: 45 - follow up on a few more emails that have come in. See, I'm working...
10:00 - feel myself drifting again. What?! How did I get back to this furniture refinishing blog? I don't even remember typing this in. Focus.
10:10 - ohmygoditsonlytenten
10:15 - coworker stops by to talk about more un-work-related topics. Sure, come on in! I'm not busy.
10:27 - focus. really need to pull myself together and get something from my to do list done.
10:42 - ooh, I like this song. I wonder what the lyrics mean. Hello google.
10:45 - focus.
10:48 - thirsty and water glass is empty. Back to the water cooler. No diversions this time, okay?
10:58 - back to work after getting snagged by a coworker in the hall. Focus... oh god, this day is slowly killing me.
11:03 - yes! just crossed a big one off my list. We're on a roll.
11:06 - why not reward myself with a little blog entry. After all, it's been months since I've posted and my fans (all 2 of you) have been asking about us. *shout out to Kathy S and Brad Z*.  Sure, you might say there are no family photos or fun weekend stories, but it's something right? And I sincerely am going to try to keep this up. One of my goals (aside from actually working at work) is to get back on my blog bandwagon, so hold me to it! Email me, call me, hunt me down... whatever it takes.
11:17 - okay, really I need to focus now...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, I was checking every week since our conversation. Brad

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