Sunday, August 22, 2010

A World Of Firsts

Alora came home on July 22nd, her two week birthday. We were finally a family, all together. And then we hit the ground running...

One of the fun moments was her first bath. I'll just say it was a learning experience: 1. Don't remove the diaper until the  moment you put her in the water. 2. Put a diaper on her the moment she exits the water.

Each day seemed to bring more surprises, questions and fun. We had our first kisses from Cosmo, our first stroller ride in the park, first 2am feedings (followed by 3am, 4am...), first bedtimes in the rocker... It was everything we had been waiting for.

Since she had a doctor's appointment only a few days after coming home, we were practically in a panic with each bottle, crossing our fingers that she would finish it (and not spit up too much)so her weight gain would be acceptable at the visit.

All went well at the visit and the 4 of us (Cosmo included) continued to get to know each other and adjust to our new home life.

What an adventure this will be.

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