Thursday, February 25, 2010

We're Having A.....

Week 17 and I'm finally showing! I think I can say I'm officially showing when people from work start telling me so. I've even had 2 "belly feelings" from co-workers. (They are also friends outside of work, so it's not as weird as it sounds.) Here's a shot from this week.
We had another Dr appointment this morning. So far everything on my end of the deal is right on track and healthy. As for the baby, everything is great! It's measuring about 4" from head to butt and weighs about half a pound. We got to hear the heart beat today for the first time, too. It was pretty neat. The Dr said it was steady and strong at 150 bpm.

Now, I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but I have to say that we are really liking our Dr. She's answered all of our questions, does not rush us through appointments and does plenty of reassuring. Also, she's done an ultrasound for us at every visit! Jake and I are planning to find out the sex which usually happens around week 20. But at today's visit Dr. Brennon said, "I've got a few minutes to spare and since you're both here, let's go see if we can find out today." So off we went for another ultrasound. Once again I was SO amazed by how much this kid is moving around. Now, I know I mentioned that I might be feeling little kicks and squirms, but what I'm feeling is nothing compared to how much this kid can move. When she first turned on the screen we got a nice face view again and, I kid you not, the baby was waving at us. One hand was up by the face and waving back and forth. And they eyes are starting to move closer in on the face, which is good, but I'm afraid to say it looks like we won't be having a spider-man/superhero baby after all.

So back to the part about finding out the sex. Mind you babies at this stage still have their legs scrunched up by their belly, which can make it a little tricky, but this little bugger had it's legs crossed and a hand "down there" covering everything up. Our Dr. tried shifting to every possible angle and tried poking around my belly but nothing would get that kid to reveal itself. So at the end of it all we can just say that we know we're having a modest baby. And that's just fine with us.

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