Sunday, June 14, 2009

My New Obsession

My new camera finally came! It was delivered a day earlier than expected, which also happened to be Jake's & my 2 year anniversary! Since it was sort of an anniversary gift, the timing worked out perfectly. I've had my nose burried in my photo 101 books for the past 2 weeks and my head is still swirling from all of the info...ISO, aperture, f-stops...who knew! I'm lucky that my awesome new camera still has all of the auto features so I can point and shoot until I get the hang of things. But I've started to play around with some of the semi-auto functions. I think my favorite effect is created with the Aperture priority setting. So I can take close up photos and make the background blurry or hazy so it stays out of the way of the focus. So these are some of my first attempts.

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